Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Applicability of Companies Act 2013 and 1956 for XBRL Filing
As we know that New Companies act 2013 is enforced now, but what about Filing of forms for Financial Year  prior to 1 April 2014.
As per General Circular 08/2014 dated 04.04.2014, Ministry has defined applicability with regard to relevant financial year for maintenance of books of accounts and preparation/adoption/filling of financial statements, auditor’s report, board’s report and attachments to such statements  and  reports as follows:-
Financial Year Commenced Applicable Act
Earlier than 1st April 2014 Companies Act 1956
On or after 1st April 2014 Companies Act 2013
So in the light of above circular we will use Existing  forms 23 AC-XBRL and 23 ACA –XBRL for financial year commenced earlier 1st April 2014 and new for on or after 1st April 2014.

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  1. Thanks for providing such valuable information to us, this information clears lots of confusion about filing of Balance sheet and Income Statement in XBRL Format.

    Please also tell us which forms are relevant for annual filing in XBRL for Financial year 2014-15.